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Minnekhada Park Association - About Us.

When Do We Meet

We meet the 4th Wednesday of the Month at 6:30pm in the Lodge at Minnekhada Park (except January and August).

Any and All Visitors are welcome.

Who We Are

A citizens empowered organization, incorporated as a society in Victoria, B.C. As a registered park association our group endeavours to bring to the larger public the unique beauty and setting of Minnekhada Regional Park. In partnership with Metro Vancouver we are working at preserving and enhancing this natural environment. Please see our constitution

Where We Are

Address: 4455 Oliver Road, Coquitlam, B.C., V3E 3H6

Park trails fan out from the large Quarry Road parking lot. From Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam, turn north on Coast Meridian and travel 2.5 km to Victoria Drive. Follow Victoria Drive for 1 km to the crest of the hill and make a deliberate left turn to stay on Victoria. Travel northeast for 3.5 km to the park entrance on Quarry Road. To get to Minnekhada Lodge from Quarry Road, turn right on Gilley's Trail. Turn left onto Oliver Road which leads to the park and the lodge (parking is limited).

Minnekhada Park in Google Maps: Minnekhada Park

What We Do

The purpose of the Minnekhada Park Association is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment of Minnekhada Regional Park, while furthering respect, appreciation and enjoyment of the Park's natural and historical attributes as well as recreational resources. In partnership with the Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks and in cooperation with local municipalities, the Association will:

a) work within the principles of the Parks Management Plan and Operating Program of Minnekhada Regional Park, which outlines the wildlife, recreation, historical and agriculture values of the park as well as their protection;

b) be directly and fully involved in the development of all management plans for the Park through a process of continuous consultation, co building and advice;

c) work to preserve, enhance and restore, whenever necessary, the Park's natural environment and heritage resources;


d) encourage understanding and appreciation of the natural, historical and agricultural features of Minnekhada Regional Park through interpretive, educational and other informational programs and also awareness and promotion of health through recreational opportunities;

e) advance region-wide stewardship and enjoyment of the broad range of natural, historical and human-enhanced resources of Minnekhada Regional Park while being sensitive to the concerns of the neighbors of the Park including responsible use of the recreational trails network, the waterways, fish and habitat, land use and park facilities for diverse uses;

f) represent the Minnekhada Park Association to other agencies as appropriate, and nominate a representative to the Regional Parks Link;

g) maintain a broadly based inclusive Association with a representative executive that actively supports and advances the mission and objectives of Minnekhada Park Association;

h) support the goals of the Minnekhada Park Association through fund raising activities. 

Specific Activities

Our group endeavours to bring to the larger public the unique beauty and setting of Minnekhada Regional Park through activities including monthly "Creative Cafes" at historic Minnekhada Lodge, outreach and displays at festivals and events in the Tri-Cities, a heritage documentation project, an annual Christmas Carol Sing Along event, and hands-on stewardship in the park.

What We Want To Do

We are developing projects, events and programs that will increase the involvement of children, teenagers and families in the exploration and discovery of our natural environment (flora and fauna).

We are pursuing relations with First Nations in bringing about an understanding of the earliest history of these lands.

We are pursuing and cooperating, with Metro Vancouver Parks, in the future development of the plans for the Park and Farm. Site concept plan

Eventually we would like to Convert the farm to an old folks commune so we all could live there full time. ;-)

How We Will Do It

Please see our Strategic Plan, and if you can see someting in our action points that you are interesed in, please come to one of our meetings and get involved!

What We Offer

Minnekhada Park is a 200 hectare park consisting of; a natural park with trails through woods and along a marsh; an historic Lodge, once ocuupied by Lieutenant Governor Eric Hamber; and a farm, that is not currently open to the public.


Lodge Trail is surfaced with loose gravel and has a steep slope (18%) for 12 m with additional steep slopes (12%).

Cliff Trail has a natural soil surface and steep sections.

Meadow Trail is surfaced with a loose gravel and has some steep slopes (14.3% for 9.4m) Roots, rocks, and other obstacles may create a barrier for some users.

Log Walk Trail is narrow with a packed dirt surface.

Quarry Trail is narrow with a packed dirt surface and steep slopes.

Dogs must be on-leash throughout the park. Check local signs for details. Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog's droppings.

Bears sightings are common in the park. Please exercise caution and obey all signs. Visitors are reminded that they should not feed or approach wildlife. For more information about bears and safety please visit the Get Bear Smart Society.

Minnekhada Park Lodge Rental Information:

Capacity 60, Suitable for: Weddings, meetings, corporate training seminars, dinners and receptions.


Audio-Visual equipment, kitchen facilities, dinining room, tables and chairs, walking trails, wildlife viewing platform, picnic area, Japanese garden, boardwalk, washrooms.

Minnekhada Park Lodge in Google Maps: Minnekhada Park Lodge


Parks Bookings and Reservations - 604-432-6352

For More Information visit Metro Vancouvers Website